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Different model of BabyDeck strollers


Our product, the BabyDeck™ Stroller Changing Table incorporates the diaper changing table into the design of a standard baby stroller. Our unique changing table device easily adapts to various strollers on the market without changing their standard operating features. Unlike other portable changing tables, the user need not carry a changing pad to place over the ground or on a bench. The stroller itself is the changing table. It’s hygienic and easy to use. After the diaper has been changed, the waterproof material can be easily cleaned with antibacterial wipes. Folded up, the changing table is hidden from view and fits neatly into the seat compartment. The integration of the stroller and the changing table relieves busy parents from searching for a restroom with a clean changing table.



Other Versions of the BabyDeck™ Strollers

BabyDeck™ Fold-Table         (without footboard) BabyDeck™ Slide-Table

The seat cushion is unfolded and rests on its own.

The seat cushion is pulled horizontally.


BabyDeck™ Fold-Table             (with footboard) BabyDeck™ Pull-Table

The seat cushion is unfolded and rests on the footboard.

The changing pad is pulled from the seat.

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