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Abiie, LLC. Filed US & PCT foreign patent for BabyDeck Stroller Changing Station.
  March 12, 2007  BabyDeck™ received Recommendation Rating  (PIES-XI Evaluation) from I2 World Innovation Network

ABC KIDS EXPO Las Vegas, September 7-11, 2008. Booth Location: 321 (map)
 (check out last year photo)

  KIND & JUGEND FAIR, Cologne, Germany. September 11-14, 2008. Booth Location: Hall 10.2, A-11A (map)


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BabyDeck, the comfort zone for your baby

                   Change Your Baby, Anytime, Anywhere!

Say No! to Dirty Changing Station. Parents were frustrated to learn the changing station in public restroom was abused by its previous customer to such degree that it was too filthy to put his/her baby down for changing...  more..



BabyDeck Overview. BabyDeck offers the advantage of completely bypassing busy restroom lines and dirty public changing stations by allowing the parent to change the baby directly from the seat of the stroller. more...


BabyDeck Advantages. BabyDeck™ stroller meets 5 important criteria: Convenience, Quality, Security, Health and Sanitation. more...

  Different Models of BabyDeck™ BabyDeck can be integrated into any existing stroller without redesigning... more ...

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