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Advantages to Consumers



The BabyDeck™ stroller meets 5 important criteria: Convenience, Quality, Security, Health and Sanitation. In the minds of consumers, that solves one of the most cumbersome problems faced by every parent in the world. Potential customers include family family households, healthcare institutions, and daycare centers. They will choose to buy BabyDeck™ because its value surpasses any perceive increase in cost and it requires minimal behavior change. The operation of the BabyDeck™ Stroller diaper changing table is quick and easy. The stroller functions like any stroller on the market today with one primary advantage: Parents no longer have to worry about changing dirty diapers in public restrooms since the BabyDeck™ Stroller features a built-in changing table. The BabyDeck™ Stroller offers a hygienic environment for babies and the people surrounding babies.


       Notable advantages for parents include:

  • Convenience. No more searching for adequate places to change baby’s diaper. No more carrying changing pads in already overstuffed baby bags or placing dirty changing pads inside bags with baby’s other items.
  • Quality. Minimal disruption to a sleeping baby and maximum enjoyment of baby’s and parents’ quality time. The baby may remain on the stroller while the changing station is to be used.
  • Security. No longer experiencing uncomfortable emotions related to changing a diaper in public restroom meant for opposite sex of baby's
  • Health. No more changing baby’s diaper in unsanitary locations such as public floors, benches, restaurant chairs or tables, or car seats.
  • Sanitation. Spills wipe up easily from the waterproof material. The pad can be clean with an antibacterial baby wipe or with disinfectant spray and a paper towel. Baby shares all of these advantages in addition to privacy and familiarity related to being changed from the comfort of his/her own stroller.

    Baby shares all of these advantages in addition to the privacy and familiarity related to being changed from comfort of her own stroller.

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