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Britney Spears's baby diaper changing dilemma


According to Us Weekly, on June 4, 2006, the 24-year-old diva and new mother Britney Spears was forced to change her 9-month-old son Sean’s dirty diaper on the floor next to the cash register in Victoria’s Secret in Mission Viejo, CA.
While situations like this make headlines for celebrities, they are commonplace to the average parent. In many American shopping malls and shopping outlets, one is required  to traverse a significant distance to find the nearest  facility. In general, mall restrooms are strategically  located down long hallways in less trafficked areas  so they do not distract from the mall’s overall   design  and mood. However, it's a pain for parents who needs to change baby diaper as frequent as every one or two hours. Imagine the agonize faced by a fully loaded mother during the peak shopping. Not to mention,  a long queue and unsanitary facilities waiting ahead.  


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