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"Changin' in the Boys' Room" -  A frustrated dad fighting the problems of locating diaper changing tables in New York city.


According to New York Times, Greg Allen, a frustrated New York dad was having problem in locating a changing table in New York City. Instead of letting the problem going nowhere, he proceeded to compile a list of public men's rooms in New York equipped with changing tables and using Google maps to pinpoint their locations on his blog, www.daddytypes.com. So far he's found 32 men's rooms that have them. Mr. Allen, a filmmaker whose family shuttles between New York and Washington. His survey concluded the following faced by today's dad in urban area."Most men's rooms don't have changing tables, or even counter space big enough to change a diaper on.   Check out the article “Changin’ In the Boys’ Room”  about the quest for a frustrated New York Dad using internet technology to pin point the location of diaper changing facilities at New York men's rooms.


Other references about the quest of Greg Allen.

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